8 comments on “Kate Christensen: Novelist, Soup Kitchen Worker

  1. Acts of kindness should always be reported. You seem to have a habit of doing this 🙂

  2. Never heard of her. Don’t mean much. I haven’t heard of anybody it seems.

  3. I have read her blog a few times off your blogroll. Her posts usually makes me hungry. What book of hers should I read first?

  4. I volunteered in a soup kitchen in Over-the-Rhine for a lot of years and still return there every Thanksgiving Day to help out. You get a lot back from helping others who need it. The way I look at, I’ve been there and I could go back. I want to always remember that.

  5. Good for Kate! Wouldn’t it be nice to be in Maine this time of year? Larry, let’s take a trip!

  6. Why do so many writers live in Maine? I know your buddy Richard Ford lives there – can’t imagine him working in a soup kitchen.

  7. I liked her blog so I will purchase a book. I like to start at the beginning so ‘in the drink’ i will start with unless you tell me otherwise.

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