9 comments on “Nut Job

  1. You are going to find a lot of nut jobs in that area of Covington. Keep to yourself and offer nothing!

  2. Why anyone would purchase any kind of groceries at a Walgreen’s is something I will never figure out. They usually charge at least 50 percent more than a regular grocery store. Take a bus, take a cab or walk to a regular grocery store and don’t get ripped off at Walgreen’s.

  3. You have always had this way in writing to turn something very ordinary into something extraordinary. This little slice of life was great fun to read.

  4. Or, ya know, Walgreen’s ordered an odd number by mistake. It happens.

  5. OMG. Your writing is clear and to the point. Little stories that capture it all. Everyday stuff that doesn’t matter but does. Keep doing it.

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