7 comments on “Finger Food at Arby’s

  1. I know shit happens but I don’t see myself returning to Arbys anytime soon.

  2. Needless to say, the manager of this Arby’s needs to be fired. Talk about a person not knowing what’s going on!

  3. The thought of ever eating at Arby’s has always made me want to throw up. Your post didn’t help matters.

  4. Arby’s has not done much damage control on this mess, and I’m sure the late-night hosts, especially Letterman, have jumped all over this mess. It won’t be surprising to see Arby’s sales drop, possibly quite a lot, in the next quarter or two. The only item I like there is their “Market Fresh” turkey sandwich, and it may be a while before I have one, if ever.

  5. I like the Market Fresh sandwiches too but I also doubt if I’ll be having one for a while. This really is a big old mess for Arby’s. How could this happen? Where is the quality control? Apparently no where in sight.

  6. Yeah, you have constantly put Arby’s down everywhere you write and I have defended the restaurant as best I could. For the buck you pay, it is not just a bad place to eat. Now, I don’t know. Man oh man, a finger inside a sandwich? Pretty gross. Someone said here, no quality control? Apparently. I hate to admit it, but when it comes to Arby’s, maybe you were right all along.

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