8 comments on “Family Ties

  1. So glad you have a good time with your brother. Of course family is important and I’m glad pictures were taken despite the fact they were taken with a cellphone!

  2. Buckhead’s is a great place to eat but u should try that crab place next door. Can’t think of the name of it but its great.

  3. A nice post and a nice pic of you and your brother. My brother lives in Florida too and it is a nice get away for me during one week every winter!

  4. I am a friend of Jim’s (Jimbo is the Cincom nickname for him) – but anyway this picture is worth more than you or Jamie will ever know… not only to you two – but many others who might be taking “family” for granted or somewhat estranged! Sometimes life comes at you in strange ways – and things that seemed important, really aren’t and the things you didn’t think were important, really, really are! Glad you guys connected and enjoyed your visit. Sorry I didn’t get to see Jim, but I hope I will on the next visit! Love ya Jimbo – Debi Graham

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