12 comments on “Miley Cyrus is a Kid

  1. Based on the image you have provided, Miley doesn’t look like a kid and Miley knows she doesn’t look like a kid.

  2. She’s not a train wreck yet but she’s getting there. Her dad needs to reel her in a bit.

  3. Cyrus is a kid, so we shouldn’t jump on what she’s doing or say. Romney was a kid too but according to you he is still responsible for what he did when he was a kid. You have a double standard here.

  4. Cyrus isn’t a bully, Brian. She doesn’t attack kids who are different and cut their hair. She isn’t mean. There is a difference.

  5. I sort of get what Brian is saying but look, it’s up to us to buy a Cyrus CD or watch her on TV or go see her in concert. She’s not running for President of the United States and if Romney gets in, we’ll be stuck with a bully. We won’t be able to ask for our money back.

  6. Watching that video of her shaking her ass tells me she’s not a kid at all or at least not typical. Could someone just ask her if she’s happy? I wonder what she would say.

  7. Who the hell cares about Cyrus. I can’t believe you wrote a post about her.

  8. Have you ever heard her live? All I can say is it’s amazing what a recording studio can do.

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