12 comments on “Food Stamps and Food Prices at Walgreens

  1. Walgreen’s need to lower prices for ALL customers and not just those on food stamps!

  2. I’m one of those lucky people who have a car and can shop wherever I want. I feel sorry for those stuck and paying high prices at a place like Walgreens. I would say go to CVS but they might be even worse.

  3. Back in the Stone Age, mom-and-pop grocery stores were scattered throughout your area. Although my family moved out of the ‘hood while I was still a toddler, she still drove down to Alber’s in Latonia for her general food supply, and bought our meat at a butcher shop in Covington near the old Coppin’s. I remember an IGA up the street on Madison (?) too. The then-new Kroger’s was about a mile from our suburban home but she was non-conforming. That company has gradually abandoned neighborhoods and find their corporate profits in large shopping centers, off interstates. So now, why can’t a budget-level food store such as Aldi’s take root in an urban area?

  4. The people on food stamps aren’t paying for anything. This is a government handout so if Walgreens gives discounts to people on food stamps, then they are really giving the government a handout which may not be a bad idea since the government has been giving handouts to big business for years. Nothing wrong with a little pay back.

  5. “So now, why can’t a budget-level food store such as Aldi’s take root in an urban area?”


    Simple, Karen. Rich urban areas don’t want this type of store and poor urban areas can’t give the store enough profit to make it.

  6. Maybe those on food stamps could show their bus driver their food stamp card and get free rides to and from the grocery store.

  7. Sean, you make some good points. I just emailed Aldi corporate and asked what criteria is used in siting a store. (and that Aldi needs to consider Covington KY).

  8. Karen, a great location for them would be that Walgreens Larry goes to. That store is moving up to 12th and Madison sometime next year. Try to give them a pitch!

  9. That Walgreen’s space on Madison would be a really good spot for an Aldi’s store but the existing store is a little small. Maybe tear it down and build something new?

  10. I received a response from Aldi’s! Granted, it is being forwarded to whatever department takes care of siting stores, but it may be a beginning. The contact stated the company is always “aggressively” looking for new locations, so stay tuned.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  11. Karen,

    I’ve been reading your comments for a while now and it is plain to see at least for me that you are a take action type person. What’s the trick to this? I TALK but never do anything. For right now, you are my hero!

  12. @ Maxie: Thank you. Sometimes I just like to see if I can get something good moving. Larry G. provides the inspiration.

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