8 comments on “Melissa’s Problem

  1. You should start taking a small notebook with you when visiting those benches. Plenty of stories there!

  2. Thankfully, Melissa’s world is not a world I know much about. The easy thing for me to say is she needs to help herself and pull herself up with help from family and friends. It sounds like family isn’t there and her friends are probably living on the street or in the same position as her. Is praying for her the answer? I don’t know. Like you, I feel frustrated by it.

  3. At least you are talking to her and not after something except maybe a story. That helps others relate to her. Not a bad thing.

  4. First, I am not anti-male at all. I have thought about Melissa all day. She has a father, a stepfather (possibly), male clients and a male friend (you). The father has apparently abandoned her, the “step”father appears to be just hanging around, her clients use her and you befriend her. You probably have known her only for hours, in terms of conversations, yet you are the most positive male in her life. If only crack cocaine was not also a part of her life. This is not something she can kick by herself, unfortunately. I hope other caring people, women as well as men, come into her life and help her before she self-destructs.

  5. I can’t help but notice that less serious posts here get the larger responses. I’m not saying getting over cataract surgery isn’t serious, but less so than this. Posts on that Cryus girl or whatever get people off their ass to respond yet something as serious as this – I think – scare people off. I wasn’t going to respond to this either but what Karen said is very true and the reality is if something doesn’t happen soon, this girl is going to self-destruct and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe I’m thinking out loud here but I think that’s why the less serious writings often get the most attention. Maybe real life just sucks too much. We just can’t do anything for Melissa.

  6. Audrey, there is help out there for Melissa, she just needs to really want it. It is not fair to say that nothing can be done for her. She can walk up and down Madison Avenue in Covington. There are social agencies everywhere!

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