12 comments on “Let Donald Trump Keep On Talking

  1. You didn’t mention the world joke once in your post. That’s the best word to describe Trump.

  2. Trump is like most other rich people. He’s out of touch. Romney? Same thing.

  3. Oh yes, an idiot, a joke, a clown, it all fits. But how many idiots, jokes and clowns are out there? Doesn’t ‘the Donald’ have a hit tv show going on? Idiots, jokes and clowns watch it and vote. When you say Americans don’t pay much attention, how right you are and how scary for the country. You are predicting a happy ending to this? I can’t say I am.

  4. How this fool/clown achieved his success and wealth is amazing, but like a large number of right-wingers, he refuses to believe facts and truth. These morons can’t be swayed, and all we can do is shake our heads and laugh….

  5. There is a long way to go until November. If Trump was pulling this bullshit in October that would be another story but it is still spring time.

  6. What? No tie in to Walgreen’s today? You could have! Last month they had some kind of promotion with Donald Trump posters all over the store with his big mouth open. I am going to see if they have any of those posters left and give one to you! 😉

  7. You can’t use a wastebasket on this “fool” to shut him up. Try a tight plastic bag.

    Don’t come after me, LG security. A little joke.

  8. Every day I read this blog, I either feel the need to complete a homework assignment or ponder the thoughts expressed. Today, it’s The Trumpster. I had no idea he has written more self-help, how to be a billionaire books that apparently people purchase in great quantities. Didn’t find anyone has become rich from reading them, but he sure has profited. But not for me. I’m going with “Trump: The Deals and the Downfall” by Wayne Barrett. Anyone who’s written for the Village Voice and is on staff at Columbia U is good enough for me. Book report to follow.

  9. The “Trumpster” is a legend in his own mind. When he was a businessman it was bad enough but now with a television show? He makes me sick. That show, whatever it is, will go away and some point and maybe he will too.

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