20 comments on “Looking For Melissa

  1. I had a feeling she would be hearing more about Melissa. This is a very sad situation and while many here won’t want to hear it, this is the life she has chosen. It’s going to be up to her to change her life and to get help with that change. I think all you can do is listen and point her in the right direction, that is if you ever see her again. I hope you do.

  2. You are doing everything you can do. Feel the faith. You will run into her again.

  3. Josh, I don’t know why Melissa would have to lie. Larry already knows what she does for a living.

  4. Back in the 90’s and even later, Covington was a haven for strip clubs. They were up and down Madison and Scott Streets. The City of Covington had a strong desire to clean the city up and get rid of these places and they did. The strip clubs are gone but now, in my opinion, those ladies who were dancing around the pole have had to find some place else to go – the street. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Melissa used to be a dancer. You should ask her.

  5. Tim, you must be relatively new to the area. Strip clubs along with adult movie houses were all over Northern Kentucky especially Newport. We old timers refer to it as the good old days.

  6. Club Venus is still there on Fifth Street in Covington. It is a horrible place but still there with those fat chicks trying to take your money.

  7. What is concerning is that the other ladies have not seen Melissa either. I hope you will let us know how this ends up.

  8. Honestly, what can you do for this woman? You can’t take her hand and show her how to change her life. You don’t even know if she wants to. Be a sounding board but take my advice and don’t get too involved.

  9. I love, no, make that hate, the idiots who get on here and think this is a joke.

  10. Maybe Melissa has just changed her stomping grounds. The cops may really be keeping an eye on that Walgreens hot spot.

  11. I said this with the last post you wrote about Melissa or whatever her name is. You can’t really help her! If this is a woman with eight kids and has never been married, then she is down the road she wants to be.

  12. Alright, Beth. Pray for Melissa. Can’t help but wonder if you would even talk to her if you saw her walking down the sidewalk. Right. Let god do it.

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