11 comments on “I LOVE Betty White—However. . .

  1. Caught her just last night in older movie “Hard Rain.” She and her husband were an older couple who refused to evacuate during a flood. She was the recipient of a great line from her hen-pecked husband which I’ll selectively qoute – “Why don’t you shut up?”

  2. Hot in Cleveland is the worst. Horrible writing. The only thing good about it is Betty.

  3. Back in the day, she was the queen of the game shows. Go to You Tube and watch some of those old Match Game shows. She was a riot!

  4. I agree that too much of a good thing can certainly get to be way too much, but realistically, in Betty’s case, she may not have the time to step back a bit. So more power and continued good health and wealth to this funny lady.

  5. I love her too but I haven’t had enough yet. Interesting what a 90 year old woman can do – Like what she did for Saturday Night Live. She put energy into something that was basically on life support.

  6. I agree, see her a little too much but at the age of 90, I’ll see her while I can.

  7. I’m not a huge fan of Betty White, but this is just silly. You love her but you don’t want to see her too much? You want her to take a break? Celebrities don’t take breaks when they think they’ve had too much exposure – that’s what they want, the more the better. That’s their work. I will never understand why people seem to like something, but as soon as it’s too popular or it’s around too much, suddenly they’re not so hot about it.

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