10 comments on “The Weirdness of It All

  1. I know I’ve read about you and how you used to be an accountant. I can’t imagine that at all. You were right to change direction. You’re more a word person than a number person.

  2. So you knew this Crystal Gayle. I often wonder what she does with all that long hair when she goes to the toilet.

  3. So sad that even parents blame their children for their own failure and regret. SHE didn’t become the country music singer. YOU became the successful writer. Congratulations on breaking the mold.

  4. Just to ego what Karen said, Your mother lived her life with regret. You are not. Be proud of the path you have taken. It is YOUR path!

  5. You are doing exactly what you were meant to be doing and it so pleases me that you know it too.

  6. Sounds like you have had an interesting life. There HAS to be a book in this.

  7. Maybe you didn’t want to be in country music but look at it this way, you met many people that most people never will. That’s not all bad.

  8. I’m hoping to follow in your footsteps. I think I have talent as a writer but with two small children to support, the dream of being a writer is so much on hold. Believe it or not, I’m also working in accounting and making a decent living at it. But I hate it. This is so far off in the future but once the kids are on their own, maybe I can do what I really want to do. Your article has encouraged me to hang in there and be patient. In the mean time I’ll write at night when I can and prepare myself for it. Thanks for writing what you did.

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