27 comments on “Gay Hating Kid in Greensburg, Indiana Isn’t a Rock Star

  1. Wow. And this church must be very proud of this bullshit since they put it up on Youtube. Disgusting!

  2. It is almost enough to make me cry. You are right. Children are not born with this hate inside them. It is instilled by their parents and the people around them. I also feel sorry for this child who will end up shutting himself off from the real world and the joy of knowing other people who are not like him.

  3. Almost all churches and religions preach love, but many religions also teach hate against other religions. This is a perfect example of that, and how sad it is…

  4. This hurts my heart. I can’t and won’t watch the video. My granddaughter is four and she absorbs every single comment or observation I make. To program a child, in a church, of all places, is the most heretical action imaginable.

  5. I watched the video a couple times. What the little boy is singing and saying is bad enough but the reaction to the “adults” around him is mind blowing. Truth really is stranger than fiction and this kid IS going to be famous but for all the wrong reasons.

  6. I know so many people who are religious who I think are good people and then I see something like this and I begin to wonder about them. Religion spreads so much hate. Sometimes I can’t get my arms around it.

  7. I did a little research on this and the video has gotten some local media coverage in Indiana. I’m guessing the church has tried to remove the video from You Tube but others have copied it so it is here to stay.

  8. Think the parents are the one who taped this or whatever you call it now? I’m guessing so. Like them, the tape is of a poor quality.

  9. This will sound odd to some, but maybe pray for those parents of that little boy and let God show them the errors of their ways and get on the right path and that would help their son too.

  10. Eline, praying is what caused this little boy to sing that song in the first place. Can’t you tell from the video and everyone there that this church is screwed up?

  11. Can’t but but wonder what would happen if a gay, black man would walk into their church.

  12. Unlike a few who decided they couldn’t watch, I did. You were better off not to. It was depressing. I like to think we have come a long ways in this country, the land of the free and all that goes with it which includes tolerance. After watching that video, I was reminded that some people are still in a 1950’s state of mind.

    I’ll get over this depression soon enough and will continue to stand up to this backward way of thinking. With a little research, I can find out where this church is and pay it a visit. I want to talk to the pastor and see what he has to say. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I’ll get it on tape.

    Larry, get ready. I may have another video for you.

  13. What will your facebook friends think of this? I know whatever is written here ends up over there too. They will give it about two minutes, will be sad and will voice it, then will move on. Social media. Love it or hate it. You’re part of it.

  14. I’m from a small town now living in a big city if you can call Cincinnati that. I don’t know how to say this nicely so I’ll just say it and put it out there. Small towns think small while larger cities with more people think bigger and are more diverse. Does that make sense to anyone? More people means bigger thinking.

  15. The Old Testament calls homosexual acts an abomination. But the same Old Testament also commands that rebellious sons be stoned to death.

    Jesus DID NOT discuss homosexuality.

    Never did. Not even once.

    Jesus DID command Christians to love.

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