7 comments on “Rambling Into Summer

  1. I always carry a bottle of water with me too on hot days. I have a friend who always carries a bottle of Mountain Dew. She never drinks water. She’s crazy.

  2. Gin & tonic is much better than vodka & tonic, which has no taste. As for bottled water, save a few empties and fill them at the tap. It’s silly and wasteful, not to mention a blight on the environment, to pay for bottled water, and tap water in our area is cleaner and tastes better too. As for carrying it, you can get water everywhere, so leave it at home. If you want, put some gin & tonic in a bottle and carry it.

  3. Tuck is on to something. Yes, put gin and tonic in your bottle. It will make all those bus rides you take more interesting.

  4. Tuck, I don’t know where you live in Kentucky but the water is shit! There’s nothing wrong with bottled water as long as you recycle the bottles.

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