11 comments on “Apartment #2

  1. It’s the same thing when you move to another job. People say they will stay in touch but never do. I have to admit I’m guilty of it.

  2. If I reallyreallyreally like someone, I apply the “three strikes and you’re out” rule. I’ll initiate the contacts via email, text and/or (gasp) a phone call over a few months. Sometimes I gain a great friend, sometimes not. Good advice, Larry, that if you don’t know how it got broken, don’t try to repair it.

  3. Actually, I think I would talk to him next time you see him and try and get some answers. Could it be you are just misreading him? Maybe he really is busy? When someone moves, they do get busy especially with a house.

  4. It takes two to make a friendship and two to make it last. Sounds like you have the effort. I like what Karen had to say – this 3 strikes you’re out. After that, you’re right – forget about it.

  5. Isn’t this the “spirit” of apartment living? Most don’t stay that long in apartment buildings, they move on. You’ll miss him for awhile but you know someone else will replace him. Yeah, offer coffee to your new neighbor!

  6. Apartment dwellers tend to move on and not pay much attention to neighbors unless you’re in a bad neighborhood. Then they want to take advantage of you. Sounds like Ray was a decent kind of guy so count your blessings for that. He’s a homeowner now, he’s in your rear view mirror. What can you do? Move on my friend.

  7. Have a cup of coffee in his honor and MOVE ON, Larry. Yeah, you’re known as being “scary Larry,” but those of us who have worked with you know better. You’re Mr. Softie. Become HARD AS NAILS. You’ll be better off.

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