16 comments on “Getting All Excited about Homearama 2012

  1. I have never gone to one of these shows and don’t feel like I have missed a damn thing. No desire to see how the other half lives.

  2. Like you, I have never been, nor has the thought of going ever crossed my mind. These joints were overpriced during the overpriced era, and are ridiculously overpriced today. Many come away depressed after, as you say, looking at unaffordable luxury. Why waste time wishing for the unobtainable? More people are living in cars/vans than ever, and this show has become almost obscene.

  3. Hello no I won’t be there. These people should be ashamed of themselves. With so many losing their jobs and out in the cold and with some having to go on food stamps or welfare, this is like a slap in the face!

  4. Life lesson: in the 80’s, my home was on a home and garden tour, but NOT in the $$$$ Homearama range. Much time, effort and money to impress… strangers traipsing through the house. Sadder, poorer but wiser and ashamed I bought that mindset. Post prosperity, stripping hideous mauve-y pastel wallpaper, replacing decaying “gold” brass fixtures and maybe sewing dresses out of the chintzy drapes (a la Scarlett O’Hara) to sell this money pit. Refrain from ostracism please? I agree, Covington Homearama concept rocks.

  5. Karen, I don’t know much about appliances but I do know if they WORK, hold on to them. Too damn expensive to replace and what you replace them with won’t be as good.

  6. Nothing wrong with them, well maintained, etc. In Realtorworld, they’re “dated.” I’m thinkin’ Home Depot Rustoleum stainless steel spray paint (kidding). Know I’m lucky to have them at all!

  7. New appliances are shit today, Karen. I bought a new washer and dryer – Maytag – and “Mr. Lonely” has been out three times already and I haven’t had the appliances for even a year. Maybe I’ll trade you.

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