7 comments on “All These Stray Cats in Covington

  1. I think I would be tempted to feed them too maybe thinking if I did they would leave the birds alone.

  2. You all would be better off not feeding these cats. They will end up following you around. Let them be wild.

  3. I liked the image you used but I don’t care much for cats. Why? The image u used is a perfect example.

  4. I can see you know taking in stray cats. You’ll be like a cat lady only a guy 😉

  5. finding a stray cat up at that walgreens tells me the animal control in covington has gotten worse. back when i lived there those cats were mostly confirmed to the back streets. covington is really a pretty small community and too small for me and that is why i loved over to cincinnati. how many stray cats do you find in downtown cincinnati? i have never seen a one.

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