13 comments on “Yesterday Was a Great Day for Obama, An Even Better Day for the Poor and Middle Class and a Truly Embarrassing Day for CNN

  1. No doubt, the republicans are going to continue to fight this but you’re right, yesterday was a win. I think I’ll start to worry about the fight ahead on Monday!

  2. The biggest problem for Obamacare ahead is for Obama to get reelected. I know you think this is a no brainer but with continued high unemployment and millions being cut from unemployment checks, a lot of us are frustrated with this president. Obama can’t keep blaming Bush for this. You would NEVER admit it, but Obama is a weak president!

  3. Also, you should have been writing about this yesterday instead of taking the day off.

  4. Evan
    I would rather read a recap than a blow by blow. Yesterday that was too much and overkill.

  5. I very much agree with you when it comes to Fox. I never even watch that channel but CNN? Suppose to be the best in news? Not so much anymore. This will be hard for them to live down.

  6. I watched the Stewart clip, Rick. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. Poor CNN, the most trusted name in news.

  7. Really, I didn’t know CNN had let seven minutes go by before finding out their error. Fox figured it out fairly quickly. I hate that more than anything.

  8. All this change has been talked about forever. By the time, it starts to really happen, a lot of people are going to be dead. Change right now.

  9. And now for breaking new… 100 degrees outside and it is finally about to storm and finally about to rain.

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