13 comments on “I Don’t Know Her

  1. Did you really think the two of you could be buddies? That’s almost funny. She’s a hooker out selling her wears. She doesn’t give a damn about you. She gives a damn about money.

  2. You know she is all right now. I think I would step back from her. The title of this story I think already tells you the truth.

  3. Besides your friendship and caring about her welfare, you gave her the benefit of the doubt. With her history, she probably only sees relationships in dollar signs and doesn’t realize that friendship has its own currency.

  4. Hard for me to put myself in Melissa’s place but maybe at least if she was with you she would be with someone she knows and trust. I’m not saying you should do this – – I’m just saying.

  5. I don’t comment on these Melissa stories because that is also my name but I am going to this time. I hope you don’t get into too deep with her and I hope you never hang out on Madison Avenue late at night. Maybe this Melissa is your friend and will look out for you but you are right when you say you don’t know her. I would not be too trusting with her.

  6. It needs to be said that Melissa is in a line of work where trust is hard to find. Imagine all she has seen and all she’s been through. That has to mark a person and while she may WANT to trust you, I doubt if she really does. Maybe she was “testing the water” with you when she offered her services, I don’t know. I want to add that I admire your patience here. It’s something I would never put myself through.

  7. Erin – Larry G. does have a good heart and that’s why someone here has to say what a lot of readers and/or commenters are thinking. SHE’S A WHORE! Sorry, that’s what she is and Larry G. should trust her about as far as he can throw her. Are you listening Larry G.? Wise up before you get taken for your money or end up in a alley somewhere all beaten up. There. I said it.

  8. Maybe I wouldn’t put it the way W.G. has, but I more or less agree with him.

  9. You can’t hang around with people in a “line of work” like prostitution and get your feelings all hurt when they’re the tiniest bit insensitive to you. Or manipulative. Toughen up or stop hanging out with people tougher than you. Her offer of a discount WAS a gesture of friendliness, though I can understand your queasiness about it. The streets are HER world and you’re just visiting. Thanks for sharing.

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