17 comments on “I Don’t Know Much about Ann Curry

  1. Ann is great at news but really, she wasn’t good at the light material on Today and seemed uncomfortable with it. I wish her well with her return to real news. That’s her better fit.

  2. Good luck, Today Show. You have blown it by firing Ann Curry. She was the only reason I watched. Ann, go on and move to Good Morning America. That’s where I’m going.

  3. These insipid morning shows are network gold mines, and Curry is the scapegoat for the falling ratings. As a fairly serious, objective tv journalist, she is better off getting away from the totally phony, forced camaraderie and superficial happiness of these morning performances masquerading as news. The only morning show worth watching at all is the brutally honest “Imus In The Morning,” filled with vicious humor and attacks on any phonies brave enough to appear. Imus also features frequent live music. He is tough for many to watch, but it’s hard to deny the humor that he and his group regularly deliver while actuallly delivering some news.

  4. I seldom watch these morning shows. Turk is right, Imus can be pretty good and so can Morning Joe unless Joe goes on one of his rants. The new CBS show has Charlie Rose going for it but the interviews are never long enough and there is also that “forced happiness.” Most of the time I stick with NPR’s Morning Edition. One show I never watch is Fox & Friends as I don’t want to vomit.

  5. I liked Ann Curry. Intelligent, low key and thoughtful. And NOT perky. Charlie Rose crossed over to CBS, maybe she will consider NPR.

  6. Watching these morning shows is almost as bad as listening to Bob & Tom in the morning. I want my mornings low key!

  7. I’ve watched the Today Show for years and I for one like the mix of news and entertainment. I can’t be alone as it is the number one morning show and here is the reality as far as I can see it. Ann wasn’t a good fit at all. She was like a fish out of water. Now she is going to stick with the news where she excels. I think they were right to make a change. It has already improved.

  8. I mostly agree with Audrey. Some of us want to wake up to smiling, happy faces and be entertained along with the news. Ann was always good with the news part but when she got moved up, the show lost something. I wish her well, of course, but the change was very necessary.

  9. Good morning America will be on top in six months. Ann wasn’t the issue, Matt is the issue. He’s too full of himself.

  10. I’ve never seen her on Today as I don’t watch it. She used to host Dateline and I thought she was quite good, better than this Lester Holt guy they have now. Put her back on Dateline and do some serious news stories instead of the morning feel good shit.

  11. Maybe Tuck and I are twins. I also can’t stand all that “fake niceness” in the morning.

    By accident, I caught Curry’s goodbye which was tearful and painful for her and painful for me to watch despite the fact I seldom ever watch that morning cheer feast. Those around her looked so sad and even supportive while they all knew that the next day it would be business as usual on the set minus Curry. Those teethy smiles would all be back.

    I’ll pass on this kind of crap. Imus is the normal habit with me too. Nothing fake with him.

  12. After 15 years, she deserved better treatment than what she got. They’re gonna use viewers over this.

  13. I’ve been following this a little bit, had no idea Ann is 54 years old. She is lovely and so smart. She’s going to be fine, no doubt about that.

  14. What is there to know about Ann Curry? It all tells a story if you only watched slighty before she got 10 million a year. Her touchy all the men, and the sicking way she touchs women, and her throw up comments, her pig out food sessions, and her boring reporting, and super sided concern when someone dies, “Well how does that make you feel? ” But from Ann it was and remains SICK-
    \Thank God she is gone.

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