9 comments on “Maybe as Close to the ‘Late Show’ as I’ll Ever Get

  1. I was in New York last fall and walked by “Dave’s Place” but didn’t think to visit old Rupert. Wish I had now.

  2. There are a boatload of options on late night television now but some years back, a favorite cocktail hour discussion was Leno vs. Letterman and who had the better show. Hands down, most of us thought Letterman was much better than Leno. Therefore I will never understand why Leno usually beats Letterman in the ratings. Is it because America truly loves their white bread?

  3. My point of view is that Jay Leno is funnier than Letterman. Letterman is mean and could care less about his show.

  4. When I’m in Manhattan, I always visit the Hello Deli before heading to the strip clubs. 🙂

  5. Yeah, strip clubs in New York are first rate but take plenty of cash. You’re gonna need it.

  6. Letterman has changed a lot over the years, not as whacky as he was but I guess at 65, you can’t act like you’re 35. I still love the stupid pet tricks.

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