7 comments on “It’s Been the Fourth of July in my Neighborhood for the Past Twenty Days

  1. Same thing here in Western Hills, hear fireworks almost every night. I assume they will stop after Labor Day!

  2. I like fireworks just fine, but people have been overdoing it ever since 9/11. I like to enjoy my evenings outdoors, but the next week will eventually get annoying because of the overkill.

  3. The area of town where I live also has fireworks going on constantly even during the day. Anybody got some ear plugs I can borrow?

  4. I have also been cooking in the morning and heating the food up later. With all this heat lately, my little window unit can’t keep up that well in the afternoon or at night. You gave me an idea this morning as I also made myself pasta. Maybe you could bring some candles over 😉

  5. I agree–and that gives me a solid excuse to drink for the next week or so because these morons will be setting off fireworks for at least that long.

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