13 comments on “Henry Ain’t Been Working

  1. Henry can’t get motivated to work? Is that what he’s going to tell the unemployment office?

  2. People who used that word all the time drive me crazy so you can imagine how I felt about this little story. You should have corrected him!

  3. Really Audrey? Larry is going to correct a grown man’s grammar? That ain’t the real world honey.

  4. Nicely told – Henry sounds like quite a character. I do negatively-framed quotes on my website, and you’ve inspired me to find an “ain’t” quote.

  5. Max, how about song titles. . .

    “Ain’t No Sunshine” “Ain’t Living Long Like This” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

    Just to name a few.

  6. If Henry ain’t working, you may regret giving him those cigarettes. Maybe you opened the flood gates.

  7. Those ain’t bad suggestions at all Jim – the website’s called Antiview if you ain’t too busy to check it out

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