10 comments on “She Cuts Herself

  1. You are right in your article. You can be supportive but your new friend needs professional help. Maybe that ER visit she took will make that happen.

  2. Once again, a Covington commentary that resonates. I hope the newer medical facility in the neighborhood was her destination and that she received thorough attention. The cuts, of course, are only superficial evidence of a pain that goes much deeper.

  3. I admit I don’t understand this cutting business but it sounds pretty serious. Doesn’t she know we could actually kill herself?

  4. Although you are obviously caring and concerned, some people are just way beyond your help. This is a sorry condition I have never understood.

  5. She IS way beyond your help. Just because she is a next door neighbor doesn’t mean you need to get involved in something as sorry as this!

  6. Maybe TMI, but I’m recovering from a condition that attacked nerve endings and requires major painkillers. Next step: a cream that works by stimulating and then decreasing the intensity of pain signals in the body. I’ll hurt a lot at first then not so much. Her cutting may create the same effect. She can physically numb herself to her feelings. Nobody can “help” her, but I can’t condemn someone who may not know how, or lacks the personal resources, to find peace.

  7. Karen, you got DOCTORS working with you. This woman cutting herself, no doctor is helping her and I don’t even want to think what she is cutting herself with. I sure would not be inviting her into my apartment.

  8. Sure seems like you have a lot of lonely, down-on-their-luck ladies who like to bum smokes and ask for other random favors. Peculiar, indeed. One never really knows who one is dealing with ….,,,

  9. Not only ladies, seems like their are also a lot of guys who are down on their luck, but knowing downtown Covington, this is kind of what you get. I’m sure you are getting more material to write about in Covington than Westwood!

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