11 comments on “Howard is Doing Just Fine

  1. Just too many of these type of shows on TV. Talk about being burned out on them. That’s me.

  2. Howard Stern has no real talent so how can he judge real talent? I do not watch this.

  3. Howard has always made me laugh and the only reason I sometimes watch this show is because of him. And he is honest with the contestants and takes the job seriously much more so than this Howie who never made me laugh.

  4. I want to point out to Erin that America’s Got Talent is different than the rest of those talent shows which are strictly singing contests. With AGT at least you get variety.

  5. I don’t watch every episode. I have enjoyed watching Stern as a judge. I like Howie Mandel & Sharon, as well as the ‘play’ between the 3 of them.

  6. So the winner gets 1 millions dollars? How much to the judges make? Millions more. This is why I usually don’t watch this stuff.

  7. I think you can count on one hand the number of acts on any of these shows that have gone on to being great entertainers. I’ll go one step future. Can you even name the winner of last year’s AGT or the year before? I don’t see the point in me investing my time and getting behind acts that I’ll never hear from again. What a waste of time.

  8. Larry, I was so happy to see you posting about Howard! My husband and I are huge fans for many years. We love seeing him on AGT and also agree he’s taking it seriously while still being himself. Also love seeing his interplay with Sharon and Howie.

  9. Howard has clearly stolen the show this season. They should have made him a judge years ago.

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