7 comments on “Don’t Think Hank (Sr.) Done it This Way

  1. Hank Williams music will live on forever. His sons music is now mostly dead. His sons claim to fame is a football theme. That about sums it up.

  2. It doesn’t take many words to describe Hank Jr.: Redneck. You wasted too many words on this guy.

  3. I don’t know a lot about country music but isn’t most of it conservative and redneck? Hank Jr. is more than likely saying what other country starts are thinking. At least give him some credit for that.

  4. Jr. could never carry his father’s pen or guitar, much less his voice. Jr. is a shouter, not a singer, with nothing of substance to say. Why anyone pays attention to him is a mystery. He’s the country Ted Nugent, and some of his mental condition can probably be traced to too much drug use.

  5. Junior is pretty much an idiot. Don’t know why you’re wasting your time writing about him.

  6. Good luck on that new album you just put out, Hank. I think your days of selling any kind of music is over.

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