12 comments on “All Because of Kris

  1. My thing now is if someone wants a cigarette, I’ll offer to sell them one for a quarter. I’m still probably coming out on the losing end, but cigarettes are too damn expensive to just give away.

  2. J.R., I understand where Larry is coming from. Once you open the gate, sometimes it is hard to close it and he doesn’t want to hurt Kris’s feelings or make him mad. I don’t want to see Larry having to defend himself with his cane!

  3. I finally gave up smoking a few years ago and this is the one thing I don’t miss – people wanting a cigarette from me. It was rude of them and expensive for me.

  4. Kris has become a recurring character in your blog posts and columns. Maybe consider giving him cigarettes in return for such funny material 🙂

  5. I’m glad you are finally dealing with this Kris character. Is he mentally unbalanced? Sounds like it from the stuff you have written about him. I have no tolerance for this kind of bullshit. If it were me and if I walked with a cane. I would have stuck it up his ass a long time ago, handle first.

  6. Dandy, if the man is unbalanced, your response would be to kick his ass? That would find you handcuffed in a cop car. Think about it.

  7. Sean, No of course I wouldn’t. But if the guy is just a prick, he would get one warning and then POW.

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