17 comments on “Cincinnati: No Longer the Queen City?

  1. When I hear the city that sings, I think of Nashville or Austin, Texas and not the Queen City.

  2. I know you probably don’t think so but Cincinnati is becoming more progressive and really building up downtown. The new slogan fits. Out with the old, in with the new indeed!

  3. Jim, just for the record, I DO think Cincinnati is becoming a ‘bit’ more progressive to which I will add it’s about time!

  4. I think the Queen City nickname is very outdated. I’m pleased that you have kept an open mind to the change. Even if this is a baby step to being a little more progressive in Cincinnati, at least it is a step.

  5. How ’bout “The Queen City that sings!” (But I really could not care less…)

  6. Tuck, display at the downtown library is named, “The Queen City of Song.” You were close. I’m fine with progressive, but what about that bazillion dollar building on Queen City Square with the architecturally configured tiara? Thought that was supposed to reflect Cincinnati’s brand royale. What’s going to make Cincinnati buzz are the “little” people, the indie downtown merchants, Queen City Bike, that fabulous female bartender at Japp’s. City Council should capture that energy in a tagline.

  7. I mostly agree with Karen that it’s the “little” people that make Cincy what it is, but you also have gotta know that music is a big part of us. Look at how well the Bunbury Music Festival did this past weekend, look at Midpoint Music Festival, etc. These events makes Cincy a blast and a city to come to. Don’t discount the music!

  8. About an hour ago, you could have called Covington the “Windy City.” A lot of tree limbs down on my street.

  9. The Bunbury Music Festival was simply wonderful. Maxie, you are right! Cincinnati is so much a music city and I think “sing” should be part of the slogan for sure. Someone should tell Kathy Wilson so at City Beat. Her column was so distasteful of the event. I don’t know why she is back in that paper anyway. She is sooooooo ten years ago.

  10. I’ve got to say that Kathy Wilson’s take on the Bunbury Music Festival was difficult to read. Kathy, not all of us can be an angry black woman like you and I wish you could find peace somehow. I don’t think you will because finding peace would be giving up the words that have become part of your style–basically putting down whiteie. Your column — (not) Your Negro Tour Guide–is basically a joke. You’re not even creative anymore. Is returning to CityBeat all about money? I suspect it is. I was once a fan, now I’m indifferent and a bit pissed. When the hell did you turn into an idiot?

  11. What Julie said about Kathy Wilson, right on. She has turned into a joke. Go back to Cincinnati Magazine. Oh, they don’t want you there. Sorry. Kidding.

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