15 comments on “Pete’s Reality

  1. Great baseball player, that’s what I want to remember, not some reality TV show.

  2. This doesn’t sound like a reality show. It sounds more like a horrible, situation comedy.

  3. If the network though there was no interest, they wouldn’t have committed to ANY shows.

  4. When you take baseball away from Pete Rose, what you have left is a train wreck of a life. Reading the description of this “show” made me depressed.

  5. Is it just me or does Pete’s wife look plastic? I think she’s had more done on her than just her breasts.

  6. Not interested. Pete, god bless him always comes off as shady. Reading his autobio a few years back made me feel like I had to take a shower. Now this nonsense.

  7. In a recent interview, Pete said that some people in Vegas have nicknamed him and Kiana “Hits & Tits.” You can take the boy out of Price Hill, but….

  8. The next time I want to see Pete Rose is on an interview show talking about how great it was to finally get into the Baseball hall of fame.

  9. I’m one of those who feel bad for Pete Rose. Despite a personal life that has been crazy, the one thing that is not crazy is his love for baseball. He so desperately wants to be back in and to coach a team. I can’t think of anybody any better than doing this than Pete Rose. I mean enough is enough. Why does he have to be the example? He didn’t do drugs, didn’t do steroids and didn’t do jack shit compared to others who got second chances. Jesus Christ, the man is 71 years old. Give him his due and let him back in baseball.

  10. Stan, totally what you said. Baseball has two sets of rules and it is bullshit.

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