11 comments on “I’m Down to Three Coffee Filters

  1. The brown coffee filters are all natural but I can never taste any kind of difference with the coffee. Whatever is cheaper.

  2. You should get some of those coffee bags. They are like tea bags only with coffee. No filters needed!

  3. I don’t think the filter color makes any difference, so whatever’s cheapest is best. I hate to run out, and paper towels DON’T work well. I have to have my morning (3-4) cups, so I always keep a backup pack. Buy two, keep yourself always one pack ahead, and you’ll lower your cf (coffee filter) stress level.

  4. I must say, you fine the damnest things to write about and usually in a pretty funny way.

  5. Can’t help but wonder with those coffee (tea) bags out there if anyone on earth drinks instant coffee anymore.

  6. Yeah, but with a mesh filter, you end up having to clean it all the time. A paper filter you just pitch.

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