8 comments on “Are You Ready for the Return of Kate Gosselin?

  1. Jon and Kate’s personal problems started to overshadow what the show was suppose to be about, the two of them raising their children. How Kate wants a dating show? That’s an extension as to what turned viewers off in the first place. No, give it up, Kate.

  2. My wife liked this show in the beginning because of the cute kids, but I saw it as the first step in so-called “reality” shows that just got worse and worse until they failed. Real life takes up plenty of my time, and I don’t care to watch any “shows” like this. Why people choose to live vicariously through television puzzles me when there are so many real happenings in life to enjoy or worry about. I could not care less about Kate and her dates.

  3. I mostly agree with Tuck here. I read online somewhere that Kate said her kids miss all the camera crews being around. That’s a sad way for their life to begin.

  4. Proud to say I have never watched any of these so called reality shows. I have my own reality.

  5. I would venture to say that having cameras around almost 24/7 helped contributed to the end of their marriage. It’s not natural to have your life shot through a camera lens all the time but that’s what they wanted and they made a lot of money off it. That’s why Kate wants to come back. It’s all about money now.

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