12 comments on “Sometimes You Just Want to Get From Point A to Point B

  1. I never open my wallet up outside. I won’t even go to an ATM located on the sidewalk. Too many people are broke these days and are looking for money. You gave that man on the bus bench an opportunity. You should not be doing that!

  2. Panhandlers should not be allowed to linger around bus stops. I’m just standing there at the stop counting out my change and too often I’m approached for what I have left. Hard times for so many but it is hard for me too and like you say, I just want to get from a to b and not go totally broke.

  3. When walking in Covington, especially in your area, keep your money in your pocket, don’t go out smoking and try not to make eye contact. You’ll be better off.

  4. And I don’t think it is just in Covington. I drove up to a shop in Erlanger, Guy sitting in front of a closed storefront next door was hunched over, puffing on a cigarette. I just glanced at him and had “a feeling.” Sure enough, when I exited with my purchase, he was waiting. “Hey, can I ask you something?” Uh, NO! Had my keys in hand, unlocked, entered and relocked. Thanks to you, Larry, I am much more aware.

  5. OMG, When they say, “Can I ask you something?” run for the hills! Don’t get sucked into any kind of conversation or you’ll be out money and I’m not talking change.

  6. Why are you all forgetting downtown Cincinnati? It’s way worse there because it has more people. I take a bus to and from and am constantly approached for money and no, don’t ever think someone is trying to have a normal conversation with you. It’s about opening your wallet and giving away hard earned money.

  7. I understand all the annoyance here, but keep in mind some of these people are desperate. Put yourself in their shoes.

  8. Sometimes when one of them say “Excuse me sir…” to beg for something I say “Thats OK, you weren’t in my way.” Other times when they ask for change I ask “Can you break a hundred?… SIKE!!”. They usually don’t know how to respond.

  9. Don’t let them start with anything. Five words will stop them.


  10. You’re all a bunch of complainers. You would complain even more if you were unemployed or homeless.

  11. I can be a bleeding heart too. I feel for a lot of these people, but there are social agencies out there than can help. It DOES start to become overbearing when these people are constantly approaching others for money. A line needs to be drawn somewhere.

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