14 comments on “Henry Ain’t Gonna Get His Crock-Pot Back

  1. I think you are starting to learn that sometimes you just can’t be nice to people.

  2. I’ve known people like Henry all my life. Don’t be the fall guy for this jerk.

  3. Did wonder if Henry would ask for a cigarette, and he did! I laughed. Has he finally worn out his welcome for you? Because I bet he will return.

  4. Karen, I’m sure my “adventures” with Henry aren’t over, but I sure want them to be!

  5. This idiot will be in your life as long as you let him be. Take my advise and close the door on this loser.

  6. All I want is my crock pot, Larry. What the hell is wrong with you, writing about me on here?

  7. That’s not the real Henry writing here. He didn’t say the word “ain’t” once.

  8. Do they still make those “Oh Henry” bars? Anyway, Larry, it seems you are developing a bit of steel in your spine, and that’s a good thing to show those who would use you. Keep it up…

  9. Glad you’re getting a backbone when it comes to Henry. He’s the kind of guy who will milk you for all it’s worth. Whack him with your cane if you need to 😉

  10. Know you’re hoping Henry exits, but man, 12-13 comments on this sad sack character means he is apparently noteworthy. And now I have this strange compulsion for that candy confection. All good.

  11. Henry is interesting isn’t he? He’s kind of like a character in a bad novel. You just can’t stop reading his words.

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