11 comments on “No, She Can’t Borrow My Spatula

  1. I have worked too hard for the things I have to simply give them away. That is what loaning too turns out to be.

  2. Good rule of thumb: Don’t loan out anything that you’re afraid you won’t get back. Just assume it is going to be a gift.

  3. This is also a pet peeve of mine, especially when it is made clear that I want the item being borrowed returned. I don’t loan out much anymore except to a few trusted friends. My new motto is TRUST NO ONE!

  4. Your neighbor probably hasn’t returned those folks and spoons because she’s afraid to knock on your door. Let’s hope you don’t keep any weapons in the house.

  5. You didn’t say it in your post, but I bet the woman was young. This is what I have noticed with young people. They have little respect for the property of somebody else. Good luck in getting those folks and spoons back.

  6. Ol’ Ben Franklin had it right many years ago–“Neither a borrower or a lender be.”

  7. Yes, I really do know know to spell fork. Why I misspelled it three times I have no idea. I fixed it. . . Madison, I’m going to write a post here next week explaining my grumpy behavior and posts or at least I’ll try to.

  8. Being nice too often means giving away your processions. Wise up my friend. These people are using you and/or are foolish.

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