7 comments on “Food Trucks and Micro-Distilleries

  1. I agree you are being agreeable but if you’re not going to try either one of these then nothing has changed for you. That’s why it’s a change you can live with 🙂

  2. I’m assuming these food trucks will stop for customers and that they won’t have to run after them.

  3. Except for a few places, there isn’t a bunch of foot traffic in Covington so I don’t know how those food trucks will do. In downtown Cincinnati, there is plenty of foot traffic but don’t come here. We got enough traffic.

  4. I’m more or less with you on this one, don’t think I’ll be visiting a food truck anytime soon but others are welcome to do it. I myself have had bad experiences with those hot dog stands downtown, no fun with them falling to pieces with catsup and pickles or whatever all over my face. I’m gonna sit down and eat, damn it!

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