8 comments on “Amazon Isn’t Always the Beast

  1. Have never understood why colleges want to charge so much for textbooks. If Amazon entering the scene is one way to reduce the dollars then so be it.

  2. This is good! These campus bookstores take advantage of those who can afford it the least and that is college students. You are right. Level the playing field!

  3. When I attended the University of Kentucky, a man named Wallace had a monopoly on the textbook business, and the return students got on used textbooks was a joke. Anything Amazon or anyone else can do to make the business more fair to students is definitely ok by me.

  4. As a parent with one child in college, it’s difficult enough to scrape up the money for tuition and then have to pay outrageous prices for textbooks. I feel like getting on my hands and knees and thanking Amazon for helping us out. This textbook racket is coming to an end. Amen.

  5. With textbooks, it needs to be the same kind of deal in high school where the books are given to you in class and used over and over again. There does not need to be a difference.

  6. I buy stuff from Amazon.com all the time because I like lower prices. Am I suppose to be ashamed of that? No way. Good for those college students who can save some money on their textbooks. To me, this is the American way.

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