17 comments on “Being a Writer

  1. You were meant to be a writer and this is something you know. I don’t know this but I suspect your “friend” telling you what you should be doing probably doesn’t have a creative bone in his body and therefore doesn’t understand you. He doesn’t need to. Just understand yourself.

  2. I assume this was an old friend of yours. Otherwise I think I would have told him to go screw himself.

  3. It’s the same thing with being a musician. People don’t understand why I do it as I know I’m not going to get rich playing a guitar. I want to. It’s inside me. Same thing.

  4. Wasn’t Bob Newhart an accountant? He never had to go back to it and I hope you don’t either.

  5. “My friend doesn’t get it, but maybe you do.”

    Art is in your heart and soul. I get it, my friend.

  6. This Pearl who wanted to know if you write for attention. What kind of comment is that really? Writers write to share information, dreams, thoughts, ideas, their world – what have you. Gee whiz, what would the world be like without writers? What a stupid, ignorant comment.

  7. Madison, Pearl is either a big time executive at a machine tool manufacturer building equipment for G.E., or a dim witted cashier at CVS. She doesn’t get anything.

  8. That guy you were talking to wasn’t a friend at all. Friends don’t say what he said. You should have told him to kiss your ass. He can kiss mine too.

  9. Larry, I worked with you when you were an accountant. And you were good at that too. But you HAVE to follow your passion. The problem here is that your friend is using the money standard to judge your success. You are using a passion/creativity standard. That is what is important to you. Both are important and useful, probably to both of you to some degree. But people FOCUS on the standards that they prioritize to be most important. But each person has to prioritze for themselves. So be true to yourself.

    After reading you writing, I realize how much we have in common. I feel closer to you via reading what you write than I did working with you daily as an employee, which I loved. But I know you better now. I wish I was a writer. I think I could do it; I think I would like it. But right now, I feel the need to make money. Ha ha. In many ways I envy you — writing, leading a simple life. How cool!

  10. Janet, if your trying to make me cry – success! I love you so much. Money comes next week. Coffee. Talk.

  11. You are a writer, damn it. You know that. I am loving the new CityBeat columns you are writing on the web thing. They are longer and you can get more into it. Keep writing my country friend.

  12. I had my cat put to sleep yesterday and your story “Leaves Off the Trees” was a source of comfort to me (about your dog Bandit). I just printed it out and it is going in my scrapbook about my cat.


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