12 comments on “It’s Hard to Respect a Guy like Chad Johnson

  1. The media has a short memory. It’s only a matter of time before Chad makes a return to football. Then, it will only be a matter of time until he screws up again.

  2. I am in agreement totally. I can’t respect someone who hits a woman. What a bully he is. Goodbye Chad.

  3. I was a fan but not anymore. Headbutting his wife shows he has no class at all. He’s a moron.

  4. Any man who puts his hands (or his head) on a woman in anger is a coward and a fool. This fool also has several children by several other women. The sooner he is off the scene, the better. The Bengals were lucky he wasn’t in serious trouble while he was here. He has never grown up, and he never will.

  5. Boo Chad. I thought you were funny and harmless, but now I think you are an uncontrolled idiot. How dare your wife of one month be upset that you were having sex with other women. She deserved that headbutt, right? Loser.

  6. Agree with Janet that he is a loser, agree with Erin that he is a whore but sure would like to see a camera on him now with his “reality” show. How’s that reality looking to you now Chad? I for one would like to see it.

  7. Maybe he can use those rubbers (sorry, I’m a country gal) in prison when he gives it to a guy in the butt. I didn’t say ass as I’m trying to be nice here and all.

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