10 comments on “I’m Glad Dick Cavett is Still Around

  1. This is Woodstock anniversary week (1969, Aug. 15-18). The next day after Woodstock, Cavett had a lot of the acts who perform there on his show. You can find it on YouTube. Pretty cool.

  2. I’m sure you already know this, but Cavett also had a talk show on PBS for a number of years. For those interested, go to YouTube and watch the shows he did with Richard Burton. They’re excellent.

  3. Cavett is the one person I check out regularly on your blogroll. He still calls in once in a while on ” Imus in the Morning,” always with something interesting and/or funny to say. His last book was great, too.

  4. I think it was last year. Cavett did an HBO special with Mel Brooks, just the two of them talking in front of a live audience. It was great.

  5. In school all day, just getting around to coming here. I’ve heard of Dick Cavett and I watched the clip. Now I’ve got to find out more about Cavett. Sharp as a tac.

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