14 comments on “Maybe I’m Just Being Anal, But. . .

  1. This young girl is gonna a lot of regrets about this when she gets older. I think it is sad.

  2. I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes of fame. This time next month, nobody will remember who she is. She really should consider that a blessing.

  3. Every time she wipes her butt, it will be an adventure. Well, assuming that she wipes her butt.

  4. Classify this under “Too Much Information for a Sunday morning…or any morning for that matter.”

    All that I can say is that I hope that she’s already under when her gastroenterologist starts her colonoscopy. Her doctor will be in for a real surprise. Of course, the doctor may not be surprised anymore, if he’s seen a bunch of these…which is a sad statement about people in our country.

    Hey, if you really want to be anal, do an article or blog entry on the importance of having a colonoscopy. It’s the sure fire way to catch colon cancer early. Once every ten years for normal people, and once every two to three for people at higher risk. Sure the day before is unpleasant, but think of the alternative – colon cancer is WAY MORE unpleasant.

  5. I watched the video. What a complete turn off this girl is. Beware guys if you sleep with her. You don’t know what kind of illness she’s carrying on her.

  6. All these commenters have convinced me to skip the video. Some small tattoos might look ok on young people, but they never look good on older ones.

  7. A little lame who has lost her way? Bull. This gal is hard as nails. A little disgusting.

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