8 comments on “Paul Ryan: Depressing?

  1. Everyone in Washington is the same old same old. I haven’t voted in years as it makes no difference.

  2. Many years ago, I had a friend tell me he considered Atlas Shrugged his Bible. This friend was a little bit nuts. That is my feeling too on Paul Ryan. A little bit nuts.

  3. Let’s see:Ryan was voted “The Biggest Brown-Noser” in his high school class, and he doesn’t believe in scientific facts. ‘Nuff said–he only hurts more a candidate who was hurting in the first place. What a clown show the right has become.

  4. I happen to agree with Rand, but you’re right about the heartland not liking Ryan liking Rand. Case in point, this video.

  5. I wonder what Rand would think of Paul Ryan? Based on his backward approach to women’s rights, I would guess not much.

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