9 comments on “What I Do With Dirty Rice

  1. I guess I should learn something from this like start cooking for myself and stop eating out. Chances are I won’t learn a damn thing. No fun cooking for a party of one.

  2. I know they are salty, but I like the Zatarain rice mixes. They’re all quite tasty, and they’re the closest I can get to the real thing I enjoyed so much on my favorite vacation to New Orleans. And there’s no doubt this is better and tastier than a frozen dinner. Get some Johnsonville New Orleans Brand Andouille Smoked Sausage, pop it in with your peppers and onions, and you will be getting a taste of Rue Bourbon for sure.

  3. Tuck is starting to make me hungry. Cut up some of that sausage he is talking about and mix it in with Zatarain red beans and rice. Good eating. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

  4. Yeah, going to the trouble to fix a meal is always better than those TV dinners. I have a single guy friend who is always buying those cheap TV dinners. What are they Banquet or something like that. I had a Turkey one once with him. I could not eat it.

  5. I’m with D.D. What’s up with using JTM patties? That’s cube steak, Lar. Use regular ground beef.

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