11 comments on “Excitement Mounts as the Republican National Convention Begins

  1. The country is in gridlock, and I’m not going to watch much, if any, of either convention. Until congress takes a laxative, the country is going to continue to be constipated.

  2. Did anyone enjoy the picture of Trump with “Hurricane Isaac Hair” in Larry’s story link? My chuckle for the day.

  3. Yeah, I saw the picture of “The Donald.” What a fool and what a fool is the GOP for wanting him at the convention. It’s already a comedy, but Trump will even make it more so. Maybe for liberals that’s a good thing.

  4. I won’t be watching much either. It is a waste of time for the networks and a waste of time for the voter.

  5. You should have mentioned that the news cable networks will be given this their full attention. I for one am interested in the process.

  6. If someone is watch pain dry on their nails, I can only assume it’s blood, Republican blood.

  7. I’m with you on this one. Maybe will look at a news website to see if anything special is going on. I suspect nothing earth shaking will happen.

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