15 comments on “Do I Need an Attitude Adjustment?

  1. If she’d been polite, I think your response would have been different. Rudeness does not have a zip code and is not just a Covington characteristic.

  2. Yo, Larry — you shouldn’t smoke next to retail doors. The smoke goes inside the establishment every time the door opens. I’m siding with wheelchair woman on this one. Don’t be so rude and inconsiderate.

  3. He says he was blowing the smoke out to the empty, rainy sidewalk. How is this being rude?

  4. Puff Danny, I don’t want to get defensive, but I was standing around the corner from the door, almost getting wet but not quite. I really try hard to obey the rules. When I do, but still get called out, well, you know. . .

  5. I’m old enough to remember when you could smoke inside Walgreens, Kroger, really any kind of store. My, how times have changed!

  6. Knowing you the way I do, I was a bit taken back when you kind of “changed your ways” when you moved to Covington. Frankly, you were being TOO nice and in turn was being taken advantage of. Now, a year later, the old Larry is returning. You’re not a mean person at all but it does my heart good to see you’re no longer putting up with nonsense like this lady had to offer you in the wheelchair. Stay on this path!

  7. I think I know this woman in the wheelchair. She’s in that store all the time and no one can make her happy. That’s why the manager never came out. Everyone at Walgreens knows what they are dealing with.

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