10 comments on “To Me, It Will Always Be Called the WEBN Labor Day Fireworks

  1. I kind of get what you’re saying but without the support of corporations, how do you think something this massive would get off the ground? You need bucks to do it!

  2. The fireworks have never been rained out but maybe not the case this year. Rain, rain, rain predicted all the way through Monday.

  3. Of course the classic corporate invasion in this area was renaming Riverfront Stadium. Cinergy Field? That was horrible.

  4. I don’t enjoy crowds, so going to the Labor Day fireworks is never on my schedule. I don’t know if they still put it on television but if they do I may watch it there.

  5. I greatly enjoyed the big show when it was run by ‘EBN, then the greatest radio station in town. But its growth dulled it for me. As Yogi Berra once said, “Nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded.” Still, I hope it’s not rained out.

  6. I agree that they have taken something that was a lot of fun and how have grown it to the point where it’s just a hassle to even get in and even worse to go home.

  7. I’m hoping the weather people continue to get it WRONG. It was suppose to be rainy all day long. So far where I am there is no rain at all. In fact sunshine! I’m really for the fireworks tomorrow.

  8. Why not call it the People of Greater Cincinnati fireworks?

    Enough of the corporate ownership of…well, just about everything.

    Next thing you know – Wal-Mart air.

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