17 comments on “My Rules for Good Apartment Building Neighbors

  1. Why would someone want to borrow your Kroger plus card? They can always get one at Kroger. That is strange!

  2. Hey, I fell off a ladder and broke off my foot! I miss you my friend! I do read your post most everyday! I hope your doing OK as I think of you often!

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  3. If someone doesn’t have minutes left on their cell phone, why would you let them use your minutes? This is a rule you need to think about.

  4. You need to tell us where you live in Covington so we can all avoid living there. Your neighbors are nuts.

  5. After a bit of editing, this list should be printed and posted on your door to discourage the “users” who have plagued you. It can’t hurt.

  6. Good idea! Do put this list of rules on your door and maybe your window where they so often like to knock on!

  7. No matter what you do, I doubt if you will ever escape the situation comedy you find yourself in. One word: Move.

  8. Look at it this way. You have gotten some really interesting and funny stories out of your neighbors. Of course you are the one who has to live with them and not me!

  9. I tell you, I read your City Beat columns on your happenings in Covington, read you on Facebook about where you are and read you here. You have a goldmine of material. Maybe it is a bit of a hassle living where you are but you are finding an audience for it and as a writer I think that is what you are going after. I can see a sitcom called “Covington” in my head. You should seriously think about writing it.

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