12 comments on “Scientology Cattle Call

  1. You forgot to mention the fact that Cruise is a gay man. I think even now HE believes the lie he is living.

  2. People who can not/will not think for themselves are perfect dupes for these so-called religions/cults/scams for profit. R. N. is probably correct in saying Cruise believes the life he is living. It appears that even a mediocre actor makes a good public relations man for a money-grabbing cult like the “scientologists,” whatever the hell that word means.

  3. Cruise is a strange cat being married to so many attractive women. I’ve lost track of how many wives he has had but they all have one thing in common. They all wake up and know that they have been had. I’m sure Nicole Kidman would have plenty to say on the subject as well as Katie Holmes. Did they sign a contract for a certain amount of time? A tell all book would fly off the sleves.

  4. Has anyone else experienced the brainwashing process of Scientology? I have and backed out while I still had some brain cells intact, thankfully. I was looking for help in managing a business, not for personal spiritual guidance. In my case, the takeover attempt was subtle. And scarey. Tuck is correct in describing the perfect “duped” victim.

  5. I will never become one of their victims. Whenever I see them on the sidewalk with one of their tables, I keep on walking!

  6. When I was approached, Scientology wasn’t even mentioned. It was under the radar as a business management consulting company.

  7. Karen, I almost got sucked in by a Scientology group some years ago but checked out the people I was dealing with after the first meeting by simply doing a Google search. Best 20 minutes I ever spent time on.

  8. Cruise is one of the sexiest guys alive but he’s on “the other team,” if you know what I mean and most DO know what I mean and CRUISE knows what I mean. Hollywood history will show years from how what great lengths he went to to coverup what we all know. Mr. Cruise, just be yourself.

  9. He should move to Venus as far as I’m concerned. Overrated actor and clearly a piece of work.

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