7 comments on “A Squirrel on Madison Avenue

  1. I generally like squirrels, unlike some of the humans I know. There’s a big difference in being a squirrel, and, like some of the people you and I know, being squirrely…

  2. I’ve said this before or so I think here but I like the “squirrels” all around you in Covington as characters in your stories but I think it would be difficult to live with them. I think maybe you are the modern day Bob Newhart.

  3. Careful, Larry. I’ve a bunch of hanging feeders fior birds in my yard — nuthatches, woodpeckers, goldfinches, chicakadees, sparrows,even a red-shouldered hawk that tried to snatch a bird. My point ius I try to feed the birds, but freakin’ squirrels grope the feeders & clear out at least — i’m guessing — one-third of the feed before birds get a chance. I’d rather have them asking for cigs.
    Hope that makes sense. Maybe not.

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