16 comments on “I Wonder if the Bullies Were Watching

  1. The production is pretty slick, just the way Simon wants it. This bit was designed to touch the heart. Yeah, it worked.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you watch X Factor. After all, millions do, but I find it strange that Simon cares about this girl as he is one of the biggest bullies on television. Something about this doesn’t add up.

  3. Jillian’s story was touching and a story that needed to be told. No, R.N., not crap at all.

  4. Yes, it got to me and as for the bullies, the ones that joined in due to peer pressure may change. The ringleaders, the ones that are hardcore, will get the lives they deserve. No one can put out that much badness and reap good.

  5. Damn you, Larry. I didn’t feel like crying in the middle of the afternoon on my day off! How I’m going to have to follow this to see how Jillian does. Damn you!

  6. I don’t watch this show, therefore I never would have seen this clip if you hadn’t posted it here. Yes, this was designed to “get to people.” There’s nothing wrong with that. Bullies are finally starting to get a bad name, thanks to people like Demi Lovato. I’m glad I watched the video. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I don’t watch these kind of shows and I don’t like Simon Cowell. But I watched the clip, all 12 plus minutes of it. It was effective, okay?

  8. I was bullied in high school for being different, for being gay. I would take the school bus to school and then walk home as I could not handle what was happening to me. So tired of being beat up and being made fun of. I thought about killing myself but I was not brave enough to do it. I grew up and came to know myself and I still try to put this fucking past behind me. I don’t know if I will ever be strong enough to do this and I am a gay man now in my forties. It still haunts me.

    I will follow Jillian on the X Factor for as long as she is on the show. I know how you can see how I relate to her. Celebrate diversity. Do not beat it up.

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