7 comments on “Choices

  1. You know, many stores give those cheap lighters away when you buy cigarettes. He probably got it for nothing.

  2. These are the lighters that fall apart after you use them a few times. I have about 12 broken ones in a drawer, hoping they will heal themselves!

  3. The guy probably pulls this a lot, offering a cheap lighter for a cigarette. Most people don’t want the lighter and just give him a cigarette. Not a bad con.

  4. It’s a game he’s playing with you but it basically is harmless. No one is getting that hurt over it.

  5. I’ve read Barb’s comments before. She no doubt is a former smoker who has quit and now she wants EVERYBODY around her to do the same, sort of a silly preacher about it. Here’s smoke in your face, Barbie.

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