9 comments on “The Newlywed Game

  1. You need to stick to your guns with this couple and not get involved, but I think you are right when you say they won’t be together long. Maybe the problem will take care of itself. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. I’m glad you published this story here as it’s very good. Finding this Article 25 publication is near impossible to find. What kind of circulation do they have? 10 copies?

  3. You mention in your story that the couple is young. I’m guessing she’s three and he’s four.

  4. That is bullshit, knocking on someone’s door at three thirty at night for some bullshit reason. I would have the land lord on the phone the next morning or in this case the same morning.

  5. You don’t mean Covington once in the story but we know that’s why you live. Write a sitcom pilot and call it that.

  6. No doubt in my mind I would be reporting to the property owner about this couple especially with the girl having no regard for knocking on peoples doors in the middle of the night. Maybe call the cops too. This is disturbing the peace.

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